Rates & Information

I am so glad that you have stopped by to view this site!  Making and sharing music is such a joy and privilege and I hope that I will hear from you to discuss music for your event.

Music sets the tone beautifully for so many events – receptions, memorial services, weddings, teas and other life celebrations. I offer a wide range of repertoire for either harp or piano including classical, popular favourites, hymn tunes, sacred music and traditional folk melodies.

Rates quoted individually upon request.

For piano music, a tuned and maintained instrument must be available onsite.

For harp engagements, I will (of course) bring my harp.  I have two harps in my instrument family, and either will provide a lovely sound for your event.  The first is a Canadian-made Timothy harp – the wood grain harp in many pictures on this site.  It has a lovely rich bass that balances out its mellow tones.

The second is a black, somewhat more formal-looking Dusty Strings harp.  This harp’s voice rings out joyfully and carries beautifully.  This harp has a pickup installed for amplification, so can be plugged into a sound system for an event in a larger setting.  If amplication is not desired or needed, she will hold her own without!