About me

I have been teaching music, specifically piano, for over 30 years…and playing for many more before that as it was obvious from an early age that music was meant to be part of my life.  Over the years I have had the joy of working with students of all ages and abilities and have had opportunities to serve as musician for numerous weddings, memorial services and other momentous life occasions and special events.

My academic credentials include Associateship Diplomas (ARCT) as a Piano Teacher & Piano Performer from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto (RCM), RCM Grade 9 singing, RCM grade 9 recorder, RCM Level 4 Harp, a BAHons from the University of Winnipeg majoring in French Lit, and a DESS (Master’s) from the Universite de Strasbourg.

Before becoming a wife and mother, I spent several years working with artists and orchestral musicians as the production manager of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, dabbled a little in the translation industry and worked with a non-profit organization providing services to people living with HIV/AIDS.   Interesting life experiences have prepared me well to manage a busy home of four teens & tweens while continuing to work with students and play for others.

I believe strongly in lifelong learning and I was privileged to commission and acquire a Timothy harp a few years ago.  The learning process has come home to me in a new and  exciting way as I continue to deepen my understanding and appreciation of music by exploring a second instrument which I have always loved – the harp.

In November 2018, I had the bittersweet opportunity to acquire a second harp.  My beloved teacher and friend, Joanne Griffin, passed away in September 2018 after a hard-fought battle with cancer.  Her wonderful black Dusty Strings harp has become mine and it’s my hope to honour her legacy by continuing to play and learn on the gorgeous instrument she commissioned.  It is such a privilege to play her harp!